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For both undercarriages and hydraulic unloading systems

CFG is an officially authorised inspection station; you can come to us for the compulsory APK inspections for all your commercial vehicles and trailers.

You can have your vehicle inspected up to two months before the next APK expiry date. In this case, the old expiry date will be extended by one or two years, depending on the vehicle type. If you have the inspection carried out more than two months before the date you are required to do so, your vehicle will be assigned a new APK expiry date.

Heavy vehicles
If your commercial vehicle is heavier than 3,500 kg, you are obliged to have it inspected every year.

Light vehicles
Light commercial vehicles have to be inspected when they are three or four years old, depending on the type of fuel.

APK1 and 2

Periodical Inspection of Loading Ramps
Loading ramps are frequently used intensively, which makes them susceptible to wear. A defect can slow the system down or, worse still, constitute a safety risk. Regular inspection and maintenance of loading ramps is required under Dutch occupational health and safety legislation. Employers are after all responsible for the safety of their employees. You have to have your loading ramps inspected at least once every year. This should be done following the procedures for the LPK (Laadkleppen Periodieke Keuring - Loading Ramps Periodic Inspection) Quality Standard, which provides a better guarantee for the safety of your loading ramp. CFG expertly inspects, maintains and repairs various makes of loading ramps and is a member of the LPK network.

A loading ramp that has the LPK Quality Standard:

  • is inspected every year
  • the inspection is carried out by a specially trained professional
  • the loading ramp meets all the requirements specified in the LPK check-list

Regular spot checks carried out by an independent certifying body guarantee the quality of the LPK Quality Standard.

We advise you to combine the regular servicing of your loading ramp with an LPK inspection to guarantee operational reliability and safety.

Loading ramps

Annual inspection, compulsory and safe!

Under Dutch occupational health and safety legislation, it is compulsory to have your truck-mounted crane inspected by an expert at least once per year. The inspection can be carried out at the same time as the regular service. Carrying out the annual inspection and service on time prevents unnecessary machine standstills and therefore unnecessary costs. For carrying out the annual inspection of your truck-mounted crane, we use the Palkeur Quality Standard.


Palfinger Holland is your reliable partner in the inspection process for all your Palfinger products. “Other” makes of cranes can obviously also be inspected. Every year, more than 1800 first-use and periodical inspections are carried out in accordance with the procedures for Palfinger's own "Palkeur" Quality Standard. The quality of the inspections and the expertise of the inspectors is monitored in collaboration with the government accredited inspection institute HHC/DRS.


Loading cranes, Container systems and Forklift trucks

You can bring your truck to CFG for its mandatory yearly tachograph calibration.

Reading out data
In order to meet your statutory archiving obligations, you must regularly download the data from the mass memory of your digital tachographs and driver cards.

You can of course also come to  CFG for downloading equipment and software.


CFG can professionally install, repair and maintain vehicle alarm systems.

We have been authorised by the SCM (Stichting Certificering Motorrijtuigbeveiliging - Certifying Body for Motor Vehicle Security Systems) as an installation centre for alarm systems. You can come to CFG for the best available service for your alarm systems, irrespective of the make of your vehicle or system.

Alarm systems