In collaboration with partner organisations, CFG can provide various forms of training.


A. First-use instructions:

When vehicles are delivered, CFG's driving instructor gives each user elementary instructions for:

  • operating the new vehicle
  • operating optionally fitted equipment
  • daily preventative maintenance/vehicle check
  • anticipatory and economical driving in urban traffic.

These instructions are both static and dynamic.

B. Ride & Drive instructions:

If necessary, follow-up instructions can be given a few weeks after the first-use instructions. With Ride & Drive instructions, the driving instructor accompanies users individually on a number of trips and, on the basis of the situations they encounter, gives practical advice on how they can improve their driving style and as many tips as possible to care for the vehicle properly and reduce fuel consumption.


A. Introduction to product engineering:

A number of weeks before the delivery of the first vehicles, a basic training course is given for technicians that explains the specific technical features of the product. This training course is provided by the importer's training department.

B. Practical training:

A number of weeks before the delivery of the first vehicles, a 2-day training course is given that focuses on preventative maintenance of the vehicles and any optionally fitted equipment. Through a “do and learn” approach, groups of technicians are given the opportunity to practice on comparable vehicles beforehand.

Besides these product-oriented training courses, specific training programmes can be organised that cover working safely and sensibly with the equipment in more depth. Participants in these training courses can achieve permanent education points within the framework of Code 95.

This can, for example, include:

  • Truck-mounted crane operator - basic hoisting (TCVT W4.04)
  • TCVT compulsory in-service training
  • Truck-mounted crane operator - loading and unloading
  • Truck-mounted crane basic course
  • Working with container unloading systems
  • Truck mounted forklift basic course
  • Specific expertise for underground containers
  • Basic module for driving tipper trucks
  • Driving a tipper truck off road
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