Toll Collect

Toll Collect

In Germany, domestic and foreign trucks with a permissible total weight exceeding 12 tonnes have to pay a toll on motorways and some main roads. This does not apply to coaches and several other groups of vehicles.

Toll Collect operates a toll system by order of the federal government that accurately calculates and charges the costs on the basis of the number of kilometres driven. The system has three different possibilities for paying tolls:

  • automatic transfer via the on-board unit (OBU)
  • manual payment at toll terminals
  • manual payment via the Internet

In order to be able to use the automatic transfer and the payment via the Internet , your company and your vehicles have to be registered with Toll Collect.

The Charles Feijts Group is an authorised Toll Collect service partner. We can take care of the installation, conversion and repair of the OBUs used by the Toll Collect system.

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Toll Collect
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