Brake overhauls

CFG is also the right place to go for overhauling the brakes of your commercial vehicles and trailers.

Do you want to have the brake system on your truck, semi-trailer or trailer repaired or maintained?
CFG works with fixed, extremely competitive rates for service work, brake system replacements and parts for your vehicle.

Why should you let CFG overhaul your brakes?

  • You know how much it will cost in advance
  • You will receive clearly itemised specifications of the work to be carried out
  • Because we use OEM brake linings, quality is assured
  • Because we maintain large stocks, we always have the required parts in house. This means your overhaul can always be carried out quickly
  • Because of our extended opening hours, you can always make an appointment to have your brakes overhauled at a time when it is convenient for you

If you would like to make an appointment for a brake overhaul or if you have any questions about brakes,
please contact the reception desk of any of our service centres:

Business location







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