The financing of a commercial vehicle has to be tailored to individual requirements. The numerous starting points and forms of financing necessitate weighing all the factors related to commercial vehicle financing properly. In addition, a comparison has to be made between offers from normal financial institutions (banks), independent lease companies and make-affiliated lease companies.

Different forms of financing
The sales consultants of the Charles Feijts Group can precisely explain all the details of the different forms of financing for your commercial vehicle. The main alternatives to choose from are:

  • Financial lease: basic financing of a vehicle in which the buyer is legally the owner and the vehicle is listed on the asset side of the buyer's balance sheet.
  • Net operational lease: basic financing of the vehicle in which legal ownership is transferred to the buyer after payment of the final instalment. The vehicle is to all intents and purposes rented and is not listed as an asset on the balance sheet.
  • Full operational lease: all-in financing in which interest and depreciation costs are always included and other elements such as road tax, insurance and maintenance can be included at the buyer's request. The vehicle remains the property of the financier and is therefore not listed as an asset on the buyer's balance sheet.

Financing partners
Normal financial institutions (banks) usually work with basic forms of financing. Other factors are not taken into consideration. Most independent lease companies work with full operational contracts in which there is no insight into the effects of the different costs on the total amount and in which buying the vehicle at the end of the lease cannot generally be arranged in advance.

Make-affiliated lease companies use all forms of lease and adapt to the buyer's wishes. Agreements about open valuation and buying financed commercial vehicles can usually be made.

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