Loading ramps: annual inspection, compulsory and safe!

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Periodical Inspection of Loading Ramps
Loading ramps are frequently used intensively, which makes them susceptible to wear. A defect can slow the system down or, worse still, constitute a safety risk. Regular inspection and maintenance of loading ramps is required under Dutch occupational health and safety legislation. Employers are after all responsible for the safety of their employees. You have to have your loading ramps inspected at least once every year. This should be done following the procedures for the LPK (Laadkleppen Periodieke Keuring - Loading Ramps Periodic Inspection) Quality Standard, which provides a better guarantee for the safety of your loading ramp. CFG expertly inspects, maintains and repairs various makes of loading ramps and is a member of the LPK network.

A loading ramp that has the LPK Quality Standard:

  • is inspected every year
  • the inspection is carried out by a specially trained professional
  • the loading ramp meets all the requirements specified in the LPK check-list

Regular spot checks carried out by an independent certifying body guarantee the quality of the LPK Quality Standard.

We advise you to combine the regular servicing of your loading ramp with an LPK inspection to guarantee operational reliability and safety.

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