Forklift trucks

Under Dutch occupational health and safety legislation, it is compulsory to have your truck-mounted forklift inspected by an expert at least once per year. The inspection can be carried out at the same time as the regular service. Carrying out the annual inspection and service on time prevents unnecessary machine standstills and therefore unnecessary costs. For carrying out the annual inspection of your truck-mounted forklift, we use the Palkeur Quality Standard.

Palfinger Holland is your reliable partner in the inspection process for all your Palfinger products. “Other” makes of cranes can obviously also be inspected. Every year, more than 1800 first-use and periodical inspections are carried out in accordance with the procedures for Palfinger's own "Palkeur" Quality Standard. The quality of the inspections and the expertise of the inspectors is monitored in collaboration with the government accredited inspection institute HHC/DRS

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